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NZ Certificate in Business$11,000 PROMOTION

This year has been extremely tough for all organisations and those working in them, but there’s an excellent chance of recovering from the impacts of 2020 if we work on the right things, operate safely, smartly, and together.

The organisations who’ll recover the quickest and come back the strongest will likely be the ones investing in their people and technology, especially now we’re so used to connecting, collaborating, and innovating via video link. The irony, however, is that although investing in people and technology could be key to surviving and then thriving, not all businesses are yet in a position to invest in both.

So, we decided to give NZ organisations a one-time offer for a cost-effective solution to this problem!

Coachio Group has partnered with Sharp New Zealand to provide this outstanding offer because their values align closely to ours and both our organisations are focused on helping clients, existing and new, to get back to thriving.

Giving your supervisors, team leaders and managers what they need to get the best out of the people who are producing your results, is paramount at times like these and studying for a NZ Certificate in Business (Level 3 or Level 4) is a great development pathway for them.

Having interactive technology solutions that enable your teams to collaborate in new ways, not only reduces travel costs for meetings but such tools can enhance ideation and innovation. So, when you sign up for one of our NZ Certificate in Business courses (min 12 people) in December 2020, which can be commenced any time in 2021, we will include your choice of one of two amazing interactive media packages worth $11,000 each.

You can choose from the following:


A Sharp 65" BIG PAD 4K interactive touch panel, combining a “4K reading” and intuitive “Pen-on-Paper” user experience with the accuracy of the exceptionally smooth InGlass™ touch technology. It also has an integrated Android PC with whiteboard, and wireless functionality to help enhance your productivity and collaboration in various situations. See it in action below, with full specifications here.



Two Sharp 50" "Huddleboards", ideal for meetings of two to six people held in small spaces - the so-called “huddle spaces” where a high proportion of meetings take place in the modern world. Intuitive touchscreen operation, whether with a finger or pen, facilitates active collaborations and a lively exchange of opinions. (Full specifications here


If you don’t work for an organisation that’s ready to invest, maybe you know one who is. When you provide us with a signed-up referral, we will give you a fantastic gift to say thank you - a Sharp 50" 4K TV with WiFi, LAN, 4 x HDMI, and built in Chromecast, valued at over $1,100.


Other Opportunities

Don't have 12 people ready to take the step up? Contact us to discuss other options. We're always keen to work with you to meet your needs.

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