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Sherlock investigative services

Sherlock Limited has been established to help organisations realise the benefits of actively reviewing how they operate to seek out opportunities to improve their performance.

Incidents do happen in the workplace, some come close to causing injury but unfortunately far too many do injure people with many causing death or serious illness.

Other types of incident also have an impact such as production losses or reputational issues for example. These incidents provide your organisation with an opportunity to learn and improve. Importantly, how you respond to these incidents will have an influence on your workplace culture, how your workers feel about their workplace and its leaders and ultimately this will affect, positively or negatively, the overall performance of your organisation.

Similarly, being proactive and actively seeking out opportunities to learn through workplace assessments and audits, can help you identify gaps that can be filled, preventing incidents occurring. When organisations do this well, it not only provides them with great opportunities to improve their work process, improving health and safety outcomes, but it also helps your organisation become more profitable.

Many consultants will focus on the compliance side of health and safety and risk management, showing you what will happen if you fail to comply with the legislation, should something go wrong.

But we focus on the benefits of doing these things well. Why? Because they provide tangible returns on your investment, improve the working lives and safety of your workers, increase productivity and profitability and importantly, allow you to feel good about the workplace you own or manage.

By committing to undertake audits and thorough investigations, trying your best to find what needs to be improved, and by involving your workforce in the process, you are actively demonstrating how important your workers are to you.

In order to focus on improving health and safety, we must analyse your workplace processes and procedures. In doing so we often find opportunities for improvement in the process, improving workflow and increasing productivity.

One of the most important outcomes of conducting these processes well is, in our view, undervalued and underestimated. By demonstrating how important your workers are to your organisation, and involving them in the process, you create a level of engagement that cannot be achieved if you neglect to investigate thoroughly and audit proactively. An engaged worker is a fulfilled worker and therefore a happier worker. Happy people work more effectively than those who believe their managers and leaders do not care about them. Those who feel better about their workplace are more alert and ready for unexpected, willing to also go the extra mile and help improve things. These people also tend to have fewer incidents at work, so there are less things to investigate, less downtime, less absenteeism, less cost, in the widest sense of the word for both the organisation and the individual.

If you want this kind of workplace, safe engaged workers and improved profitability, call Sherlock today and lets discuss how we can help.


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