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Amaze Training from the UK Amazing Customer Experience

Amazing Customer Experience

1-Day Workshop

Delivered in partnership with Amaze Training from the UK, this customer service course will give your teams the skills they need to deliver amazing customer service.

Successfully delivered to many globally recognised organisations including Heineken, Handelsbanken, Burj Al Arab, Atom, Santander, BUPA, First Direct and HSBC.

The ‘Amaze Customer Experience’ 1-day workshop has been successfully delivered over the last 10 years to many globally recognised organisations throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

The customer experience workshop looks at all types of customers and how we can serve them better and improve ourselves in the process. Participants will learn the skills they need to deliver amazing customer service.

The Importance of Customer Care
• Why excellent customer service benefits all sections of Stakeholder Model (customer/people/shareholder)
• Brand – what does your brand represent, what are your business values, ‘you are your brand’
• Share stories of good & bad service, pick out key points
• Explore difference between transactional & relational service –the 4 approaches to customer service
• Putting the customer at the heart of everything, importance of being customer centric, ‘people buy people.’
• Map of the world – understanding different customers
• Lemons exercise - (know your customer/every customer is unique)

Customer Service Excellence
• Customer service/sales cycle, give the best customer service
• Making a fantastic first impression
• Personal impact – (body language, tone of voice, use of positive/above the line language)
• Rapport building (including ‘fink cards’ exercise)
• Empathy, Trust, Emotional Intelligence – why important

Amazing Communication Skills
• Questioning skills – asking the right questions to understand a customer’s needs (including exercise). Looking at open questions (WWWWWH),
TED (tell, explain, describe) model of questioning, funnel technique and human/business model of questioning
• Listening skills – difference between active & passive listening (including listening quiz)
• Free information – what it is, how it is important
• UCOW! (using customers’ own words) & FAB
(features, advantages and benefits)

Customer Personality Type
• Exploring the 4 different customer personality types (driver, analytical, amiable, expressive) and how understanding your own and a customer’s preferred style can improve relationships and strengthen rapport.

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