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Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention

Prevention is better than cure

Entry requirements:
All workshops and coaching has been designed to run in-house and tailored to the injuries likely to occur in your work environment.

The social and economic cost of deaths, injuries and ill-health arising from work is estimated at $3.5 billion a year. It’s also estimated that for every dollar spent on prevention, a business can save between $9 and $27. With that sort of return on investment, it makes sense to address musculoskeletal injuries which, alongside stress, are the biggest contributors to workplace absenteeism.

Our Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention workshops are tailored to the injuries that are likely to affect your organisation the most. It could be Back Care, Manual Handling, or Discomfort, Pain, and Injury (DPI). The sessions are highly interactive and three hours in duration, designed to make a real difference in your workplace.


Who Would Benefit?

Manual Handling


This workshop has been designed for:

        ·         Employees of companies who manually lift and transfer or hold loads

        ·         Employees who perform repetitive activities

        ·         Employees who stand or sit working for long periods


Back Care


This workshop has been designed for:

        ·         Employees of companies that have sustained sitting, lifting, bending or standing roles

        ·         Employees who want to understand the fundamentals of spinal anatomy and function

        ·         Employees who wish to avoid back pain




This workshop has been designed for:

        ·         Office workers who are VDU based who wish to understand why people get discomfort

        ·         Workers who wish to avoid neck, shoulder, arm/hand pain and headaches

        ·         Workers who perform repetitive tasks especially with their hands

        ·         Employees who wish to understand basic neck and shoulder anatomy


Learning Objectives

Specific outcomes will vary depending on the injuries being prevented, but by the end of any of the workshops, participants can expect to:

        ·         Be able to prevent sprain and strain injuries from occurring as far as possible especially to the low back neck and shoulders and knees

        ·         Understand the concept of strain and how it applies to the body

        ·         Understand that it is largely our repeated habits that damage our bodies which leads to sprain and strain injuries

        ·         Feel the difference between lifting with, and without straining in order to lift correctly

        ·         Be familiar with basic spinal anatomy

        ·         Be familiar with good sitting posture and understand its importance

        ·         Be able to twist, reach, and look up and down without strain

        ·         Understand basic shoulder anatomy and why correct shoulder movement is important

        ·         Know which fingers are power fingers and which are precision fingers and the role of correct grip in avoiding wrist, elbow, neck, and shoulder injury


One-to-One Coaching


To be fully effective, we supplement the workshops by providing one-to-one coaching back in the workplace to ensure attendees can implement learnings.


This is a unique opportunity to get tailored real-world advice from a highly-qualified physiotherapist with international experience.

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