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OPERATIONAL RISKIdentifying and Managing Risks


Course Summary

Our Operational Risk Workshop is designed to be tailored to your needs and the needs of the people on the course. It can be anything from a 90 minute introduction or refresher to a full day in depth session.

Our aim is to create workplaces where everyone in the organisation is fully engaged, empowered and where safety is a collective responsibility to ensure everyone goes home safe – everyday.
Safety procedures have to be strong, effective and practical as well as well understood and adhered to. They must meet or exceed regulatory requirements and focus on the things that make a difference, keeping people safe. The application of these procedures can reduce the number of risk based decisions people have to make each day. However, it’s not possible for organisations to create procedures for every situation that can arise in the workplace and consequently people need to be able to dynamically assess risk in ever changing conditions.
The Operational Risk Workshop is for anyone who may be exposed to work related risks. An outline of the course structure is detailed below:
  • Defining and understanding the relationship between Hazard, Harm and Risk
  • Explain and discuss the ramifications of the HSE act around the management of RisK
  • Explain the following concepts:
     o Risk Appetite (Personal v Company)
     o ALARP (As low as is reasonably practicable)
     o Implementation of barriers/controls
  • Hierarchy of Controls
  • Workers responsibilities under the Act
  • Change and the importance of understanding its consequences within the work place
  • The human factor and how it relates to Health and Safety
  • Du Ponts “Dirty Dozen” the 12 human factors most likely to affect HSE in the workplace
As with all Coachio workshops the content will reflect organisational practices and procedures, and will be delivered in an interactive and inclusive manner to ensure that learnings are maximised.

Course Details
Duration: 90 mins - 1 day depending on requirements
Price: Dependent on requirements


For further information on this course please call us on 0800 3000 11 or email us at info@coachiogroup.com

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