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(Introduction to Team Leadership) (Level 3) NZ Certificate in Business

NZ Certificate in Business

(Introduction to Team Leadership) (Level 3)

Assessment: This programme links to unit standards 29041, 29042, 29043

Work towards raising team performance and improve your workplace with the NZ Certifcate in Business Level 3 qualification programme.

Understand how to lead a team by developing leadership skills in your company.

Enrol on the Coachio NZ Certificate in Business programme, and learn first hand how to convert your skills into leadership abilities you can apply to any team. Through a series of interactive workplace centred modules, you will apply this knowledge into real ways of raising team performance and improving your workplace. Use the course modules to make a real change to how you and your team operate.

In this programme you will cover over 7 sessions:

Module 1 The skills needed to be a leader

Including: Running effective project meetings, achieving these goals, and making problem-solving models to break down barriers to achieving these goals, making informed and effective decisions.

Module 2 Managing project and on the job problem solving

Including: The steps to planning a project, good task allocation, realistic time planning, and effective ways to get everyone on board in a project.

Module 3 Developing the best team for the job

Including: Understanding team dynamics and how teams work, making the most of strengths within the team, leadership styles and understanding the team’s role in achieving the goal.

Module 4 Getting your message across daily – being a leadership communicator

Including: Role modelling great leadership communication skills, breaking down communication barriers for the best effect and converting conflict into better ways to work.

Module 5 Making the most of time as a resource

Including: Understanding how time can be used to achieve team goals, using time techniques to maximise the time you have, and understanding how a project considers time.

Module 6 Effective reporting in a leadership role

Including: Preparing to report on projects and in leadership meetings, presenting key facts to project meetings in a leadership role, and effectively summarising facts in a leadership role.

Module 7 Powerful and clear presentations as a leader

Including: Effective ways to present your successes, and convey key information to achieve your team goals. Real tips and techniques will prepare you to present to the other trainees and key stakeholders the ideas you have on raising the performance of your team. This is the last of 7 modules to show the progress you have made.

Entry requirements

Open Entry

This programme links to unit standards
29042, 29043

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